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I bought an old theater.   Not sure what crazy pills I had taken on the day I agreed to it.  I thought it would be fun.  Have a stage, do plays, show movies, serve food and drink – all will be good.

I went to the League of Historic American Theaters conference (who knew such an organization existed??) in July.   I found out that serving food was not on ANYONE’S agenda.  “Don’t do it!  Send them somewhere else to eat!  Focus on what you know!”  Well – we know food not theater.  I am still determined to do food.

I explore the theater.  It keeps getting bigger!  More space here, more space there.  No projector. No problem – I need new equipment anyway.  No dressing rooms – hhhmm, maybe I will start with just movies.  No curtain – OK, I can deal with that.   So, I invite in a consultant to help me see what I have gotten into.   He says I have pretty much a clean slate.  You can do anything you want.  Not sure that was a whole lot of help, but I like him and he will help to make sure we get everything we need to do what we want to do.

I am still fairly chipper.  Nothing too dramatic so far to stop me.  Now I find an architect.   He is a great guy.  His partner has experience with another old theater.  He grew up in this town as well so he remembers the Texan from when we were kids.  Problem is, he knows about the real obstacles.  Structure falling down around us?  Asbestos?  City rules?  Permits?  Historic rules?  Main Street council?

I need all those answers before I can even start to think about food!  OK..  stay tuned…  structure and asbestos are next.


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